Uncategorized Brace Yourselves. The Fall Buying Market Is Coming Seattle Housing Market is Competitive But Here’s Why It’s Still a Good Time to Buy The Seattle housing market has been extremely competitive over the past year. Listings routinely get multiple offers – many in cash – and buyers have to compete on all levels to win their dream home. Although the market remains competitive, it’s still […]
Uncategorized Seattle Metro February Update The Seattle Metro real estate market continues to be one of the hottest in the nation. Many buyers trying to capitalize on sub 4% interest rates battle over near record low inventory. For full market report, continue reading here! 
Uncategorized Local Economist Has Positive Outlook For 2015 Just recently, a number of Windermere brokers were fortunate enough to hear local economist, Matthew Gardner speak at the Premier Properties breakfast. Matthew spoke to the competitive market many buyers are facing as near record low inventory still plagues the local real estate market. If you are interested in learning more about where Matthew feels […]
Uncategorized Fall is Here! This weekend I was able to get out of town and visit a friend in Desert Aire, Wa. I have not seen my friend for a few months as he lives in Alaska. We met up at his vacation home in Eastern Wa. with a few of our other friends! His "vacation" house in incredible […]
Uncategorized Fall is Here! This weekend I was able to get out of town and visit a friend in Desert Aire, Wa. I have not seen my friend for a few months as he lives in Alaska. We met up at his vacation home in Eastern Wa. with a few of our other friends! His "vacation" house in incredible […]
Uncategorized Millennials staying put? Good insight on large group of future homebuyers! With Millennials making up about 1/4 of the US population, it is interesting that a larger number of this population is not moving out on their own. How will this affect the real estate market in your area? http://money.cnn.com/2014/09/17/real_estate/millennials-still-home/index.html?section=money_realestate
Uncategorized Decrease in Sales: Assumptions & Realities Many rumors are circling around and pinpointing the lack of sales on on two factors: interest rates rising and a lack of consumer confidence. The folks over at KCM Blog feel that the real reason is actually the lack of inventory of houses on the market. You can learn more about the assumptions and realities about […]
Uncategorized A Guide to Home Organization and Decluttering Its that time again to clean, declutter and organize your life!  I found a great article on Houzz.com that is a compilation of the some of the greatest tips for tackling each room in the house to help you start off the new year.  Here is a little snippet of what you will find articles […]
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Uncategorized The affects of cold weather….to look for a new year round home? Or just a vacation home? With such cold weather taking over many areas of the United States, Trulia studied how real estate searches changed as average temperature drops.  They wanted to know if the residents were looking for new year round homes to move away permanently or just looking for a vacation home.  Check out their findings below with an […]
Uncategorized Seattle Area Statistics In the chart below you can check out some interesting statistics about the Seattle area residential and condo markets, including Months Supply of Inventory, Total Active Listings, Median Active List Price…and more!
Uncategorized Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent Courtesy of KCM Blog
Uncategorized Amazing Home Improvements to Take Your House to the Next Level!! Here is just the beginning of 33 ideas for your dream house: Chandelier that turns your room into a forest with its shadow Swing set dining room table Spiral staircase, with a slide on the side! Cat transit system (inside or outside!) Hammock bed or couch Ping pong door or kitchen island See-through bathtub To […]
Uncategorized Go Hawks!!!!! I hope you have a fantastic Super Bowl Weekend!!!!   GO SEAHAWKS!!!!
Uncategorized % of All Cash Sales By State Check out the infographic below, depicting the percentage of sales that are paid in all cash!  Washington clocks in at 27%! Credit to KCM Blog.
Uncategorized 2013 Tax Deductions for Homeowners There are 3 very important tax deductions for homeowners that are expiring after 2013 taxes, unless Congress decides to renew them.  They are: Private Mortgage Insurance – This deduction lets you deduct the amount you paid towards PMI in 2013 if you paid less than 20% down on your home and your loan is from […]
Uncategorized The Cost of Waiting The table below depicts the difference in monthly mortgage payments for an average priced home if waiting to purchase from November 2012 to November 2013. Originally from KCM Blog.
Uncategorized Guide to Architectural Styles Every house falls into one or more architectural style;  check out the full article here to learn more about the defining characteristics and history behind the 33 common architectural styles shown above.
Uncategorized Top 10 Interior Design & Home Remodeling Trends for 2014   Neil Kelly Company, based out of the Pacific Northwest, has been helped over 30,000 homeowners with award winning design-build remodeling, energy upgrades, and home repairs since 1947.  They are known for their innovative design and remodeling services, new home construction, quality craftsmanship and green, sustainable building practices.  Here is their list of the top […]
Uncategorized Interesting Facts from the NAR’s Existing Home Sales Report           Check out how inventory, sales, and home prices have changed over the past year! Source: KCM Blog
Uncategorized Have a fantastic Thanksgiving tomorrow!