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Three Maintenance Tips for First Time Homebuyers

By @BertDaniel @ Spectrum Enterprizes, LLC
September 27th, 2011
Contributed by Jennifer Cebulak

My husband and I purchased our first home during the $8,000 tax credit offered by good ol’ Uncle Sam awhile ago. We found a split-entry house built in the late seventies, updated and with lots of character (like huge windows facing the Wasatch Front mountains).  Best of all, the house would not need any work at all before we moved in.

Prior to purchasing our first home, we rented for several years a beautiful brick townhouse, with grounds maintained and well-kept throughout the four seasons. Bob, the “maintenance man” of the townhouse complex, could frequently be seen strolling across the sidewalks with tools in hand, ready to fix a leaky faucet or check a broken tile.  Bob came by to change the air filters every three months, religiously. Oh how wonderful to put in a maintenance request and simply let Bob take care of it! To his credit, Bob tried to teach us about the broken disposal as he worked on it. He showed us how to fix something in the toilet tank.  We smiled and half-listened, thinking we would never have to turn a screwdriver.

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