Uncategorized December 15, 2011

A smaller house will make a big difference

The action plan: It will pay to think small — as in reduce your mortgage bills and focus on modest homes.

CNN MoneyBuyers: Downsize the dream. For those gearing up to make a purchase, 2012 could be a great opportunity, what with cheap prices, low borrowing rates, and little competition among prospective bidders.

Before you take the plunge, remember that the price you pay matters, as does your ability to easily resell that home down the road.

This means it’s best to focus on smaller properties in your area near restaurants and retail. McMansions of at least 2,600 square feet, which were the ideal in the boom years, are coveted by a mere 18% of households today, according to a recent survey by Trulia. And that figure could fall even more.

A separate survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that home-construction firms expect U.S. houses to average 2,152 square feet in 2015 — down 10% from last year. [Read the full article…]